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Louis Vuitton Releases New Tile Trunk NFT Worth $6500

Louis Vuitton introduces a new NFT, the VIA Tile Trunk, only available for VIA customers, as luxury fashion brands increasingly embrace the Web3 dimension.

The iconic brand Louis Vuitton ushers in a new era in the world of luxury fashion by launching a unique NFT: the VIA Tile Trunk. This virtual trunk, a digital collectible, was ingeniously designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, the creative director for women’s collections of the flagship LVMH fashion house.

The design of this NFT draws its inspiration from Ghesquière’s mini cube bag model, unveiled at the Spring-Summer 2024 fashion show. The limited edition NFT, of which there are only 200 copies priced at 6,000 euros each, is exclusively reserved for VIA customers, part of a program launched by Louis Vuitton in 2021.

The VIA program is part of an ambitious 360-degree project aiming to reach a new demographic of customers by combining the efforts of digital, communications, and sales teams. The goal was to create “a new journey combining the best of both Web3 and physical worlds,” as explained by Agnès Vissoud, director of digital innovation.

The brand’s move to sell exclusive NFTs that grant select clients access to limited-edition products is starting to pay dividends. But it’s not just Louis Vuitton that’s making strides in Web3; brands like Diesel, Gucci, and Dior have also released their own NFTs, coupling high-end physical products with digital assets.

With these developments, Louis Vuitton is breaking boundaries between the physical and digital, extending the in-store experience into a boundaryless world. Their approach, along with other luxury houses, is reshaping the fashion industry’s marketing strategies, making Web3 a critical element.

As luxury fashion brands adapt to this new reality, it will be interesting to see what innovative steps Louis Vuitton will take next. With the VIA Tile Trunk NFT, LV has not only expanded the in-store experience but also rewarded the loyalty of its VIA customers. Perhaps this is a glimpse of the future of luxury fashion, a world without boundaries between the physical and the digital.


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