Who is Eric Larchevêque ?

Eric Larchevêque is a french entrepreneur, he is the CEO and co-founder of Ledger, a leading provider of secure hardware wallets for cryptocurrency.

What inspired Eric Larchevêque to start Ledger ?

Eric saw a need for a secure and accessible solution for the storage and management of cryptocurrencies. He co-founded Ledger in 2014 with the goal of providing users with a simple and secure way to store their digital assets.

Ledger homepage
Ledger homepage

What has been his impact on the cryptocurrency industry ?

Under Eric’s leadership, Ledger has become one of the most recognizable and trusted names in the cryptocurrency industry. The company’s hardware wallets, which are designed to store and protect users’ private keys, have become a popular choice for individuals and institutions looking to secure their digital assets. Eric’s work at Ledger has helped to bring greater security and accessibility to the cryptocurrency industry, making it easier for people to invest and transact in this exciting new asset class.

What challenges has Eric faced in his role as CEO of Ledger ?

As the cryptocurrency industry has grown and matured, so too have the challenges faced by Ledger and its CEO. One of the biggest challenges that Eric has faced is the need to constantly adapt and evolve Ledger’s products and services to meet the changing needs of the market. This has required Eric to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry and to be able to anticipate and respond to new threats and opportunities.

Another challenge that Eric has faced is the need to maintain Ledger’s strong commitment to security and privacy, even as the company has grown and expanded. With billions of dollars worth of digital assets now stored on Ledger’s hardware wallets, Eric must ensure that Ledger continues to provide the highest level of security and privacy for its users, even as it grows and evolves.

Eric Larchevêque
Eric Larchevêque

What does the future hold for Eric Larchevêque and Ledger ?

Looking ahead, Eric sees a bright future for Ledger and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. As more and more people and institutions adopt cryptocurrencies, the need for secure and accessible storage solutions will only continue to grow. Eric is committed to continuing to lead Ledger as it continues to play a key role in this exciting and rapidly-evolving industry.


With his passion, vision, and expertise, Eric Larchevêque is well-positioned to help shape the future of the cryptocurrency industry for years to come.

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