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Veteran Trader Predicts $130-150k Bitcoin in September 2025

Bitcoin’s price may soar to $150,000 by September 2025, driven by historical patterns and recent halving events, according to Peter L. Brandt.

Peter L. Brandt, a respected trading veteran, has made a bold forecast for Bitcoin, predicting it could surge to $150,000 by late August or early September 2025. This projection is grounded in historical patterns observed in Bitcoin’s market cycles, particularly its “halving” events.

Bitcoin’s halving events, which occur roughly every four years and reduce mining rewards by 50%, are key to Brandt’s analysis. These events have historically marked the midpoints of Bitcoin’s bull market cycles. Brandt noted in his latest analysis that the intervals from the start of a bull market to the halving dates closely mirror the intervals from the halving dates to the subsequent market peaks. If this pattern continues, Bitcoin could reach its next peak between $130,000 and $150,000 by late August or early September 2025.

Bitcoin Chart showing Halving dates and Cycle Tops - Source: Peter Brandt
Bitcoin Chart showing Halving dates and Cycle Tops – Source: Peter Brandt

However, Brandt also remains cautious, recognizing that no method of analysis is fool-proof. He estimates a 25% chance that Bitcoin has already peaked for this cycle. He advises traders to monitor Bitcoin’s performance closely, particularly if it fails to achieve a new all-time high and drops below $55,000.

Other analysts share Brandt’s optimistic outlook. Crypto technical analyst CryptoCon points to the Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) indicator as a critical metric for identifying cycle tops and bottoms. According to CryptoCon, Bitcoin’s price levels in March 2024 were consistent with initial tops seen in previous cycles, indicating room for further growth.

While Brandt’s forecast is optimistic, he advises caution and continuous monitoring of market trends. The next few years will be crucial for Bitcoin, with halving events and historical patterns providing valuable insights. Whether Bitcoin will achieve these predicted heights remains to be seen, but the analyses suggest significant potential for growth.

As the cryptocurrency market evolves, traders and analysts will closely watch Bitcoin’s movements, particularly around the halving events, to gauge future market behavior.


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