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Trump Rallies Bitcoin Miners with Bold Promises

Trump supports Bitcoin miners, promising to help make the USA energy dominant and fend off central bank digital currencies, despite Biden's proposed tax.

In a recent gathering at Mar-a-Lago, former President Donald Trump met with key executives from the Bitcoin mining industry, reiterating his strong support for the sector. Trump hosted notable figures such as Jason Les, CEO of Riot Platforms, and Matthew Schultz, Executive Chairman of CleanSpark, emphasizing his commitment to making the United States a leader in Bitcoin mining.

Trump declared on his Truth Social platform that he wants “all the remaining Bitcoin to be MADE IN THE USA!!!” and described Bitcoin as the nation’s “last line of defense” against a central bank digital currency (CBDC). This statement comes despite Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s comment that the U.S. is “nowhere near” adopting a CBDC.

During the meeting, Trump highlighted how Bitcoin mining could contribute to “strengthening the electrical grid and fostering job creation.” The industry’s leaders, including Amanda Fabiano from TeraWulf, stressed the need for informed political support, pointing out the sector’s struggles with political opposition and misinformation.

CleanSpark’s Schultz reported that Trump assured his support for the Bitcoin mining industry if he is elected president in November. This support includes opposing President Joe Biden’s proposed 30% electricity tax on Bitcoin miners, which has intensified scrutiny over the environmental impact and energy consumption of the industry.

In a historic move, Trump has embraced cryptocurrencies in his campaign, accepting Bitcoin and other digital currencies like Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu for donations. He has even dubbed himself the “crypto president,” marking a significant shift from his earlier stance when he labeled Bitcoin a “scam” in 2021.

The meeting also addressed the broader political challenges facing the Bitcoin mining sector. Fabiano highlighted the need for politicians to understand the benefits of Bitcoin mining, while Zach Bradford of CleanSpark emphasized its positive impact on local communities and infrastructure development.

Trump’s renewed focus on Bitcoin and crypto could reshape the political landscape for the industry, offering a stark contrast to the current administration’s approach. His commitment to the sector signals potential shifts that could greatly influence the future trajectory of cryptocurrency in the United States.


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