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Starknet Foundation Unveils Plan to Distribute 1.8 Billion Tokens

The Starknet Foundation aims to invigorate the Ethereum network by allocating 1.8 billion STRK tokens through various initiatives, including user rebates and community rewards.

The Starknet Foundation aims to invigorate the Ethereum network by allocating 1.8 billion STRK tokens through various initiatives, including user rebates and community rewards.

The Starknet Foundation, the principal organization behind the Ethereum Layer 2 network Starknet, recently announced a significant initiative to distribute 1.8 billion tokens as user rewards and rebates, a move set to revolutionize the Ethereum ecosystem. This plan forms part of the foundation’s broader strategy to address the main Ethereum blockchain’s limitations in throughput and high transaction fees, using innovative ZK rollup technologies.

ZK rollup technology, a key feature of StarkWare, bundles hundreds of transactions off the main blockchain, significantly reducing computational stress. By doing so, Starknet operates as a decentralized Layer 2 network on Ethereum, efficiently condensing multiple transactions on an off-chain layer before collectively publishing them on the Ethereum network.

A noteworthy element of this initiative is the formation of various committees to oversee the token distribution. The Provisions Committee is a crucial group, tasked with distributing 900 million Starknet (STRK) tokens. This phased distribution aims to reward both past and future contributions by users and community members, acknowledging their pivotal role in the network’s development.

Another significant aspect of the foundation’s plan is the establishment of “user rebates.” Designed to subsidize or refund transaction costs, this initiative further illustrates the foundation’s commitment to enhancing user experience on the Ethereum network. A dedicated committee will distribute an additional 900 million tokens to cover transaction fees, ensuring users are rewarded for their essential transactions on the network.

The foundation’s effort extends beyond just user rewards and rebates. A third group, the “DeFi Committee,” is set to allocate an initial 50 million tokens to stimulate activity on DeFi protocols within the network. This strategic move is aimed at boosting liquidity for the network’s burgeoning DeFi ecosystem, a critical step towards a more vibrant and robust Ethereum-based financial landscape.

The Starknet Foundation, as part of its comprehensive strategy, detailed that a total of 10 billion Stark (STRK) tokens would be issued. Remarkably, 50% of these tokens are retained by the organization, with the rest allocated to core developers, ecosystem contributors, and the community. This distribution reflects a balanced approach, catering to both organizational needs and community involvement.

The foundation’s recent confirmation of a token airdrop snapshot, which briefly appeared on its website and circulated on social media, further underscores its commitment to community engagement. “We’ve been working on the first phase of distributions for a while now, and we are close to getting this over the line. There’ll be more formal communications on this soon,” the Starknet Foundation stated, highlighting its proactive approach.

In conclusion, the Starknet Foundation’s plan to allocate over 1.8 billion STRK tokens marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Ethereum network. Through its strategic initiatives and committee-led distribution, the foundation is not only addressing the network’s technical challenges but also fostering a thriving, community-driven ecosystem. As planning for these initiatives is currently underway, the Ethereum community eagerly anticipates the positive impact of these developments on the network’s efficiency and overall growth.


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