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Ralph Lauren’s Miami Store Now Accepts Crypto

American fashion leader Ralph Lauren is set to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments at its recently inaugurated Miami store. Customers can now complete transactions using a variety of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and MATIC.

Partnership with BitPay Enables Smooth Transactions

According to a press release, Ralph Lauren has teamed up with BitPay, a prominent payment processor, to facilitate in-store cryptocurrency purchases in the Miami store. As a global force in the creation, marketing, and distribution of luxury lifestyle products, Ralph Lauren continues to innovate within the fashion industry.

Collaboration with Poolsuite Entices New Audiences

Ralph Lauren has also joined forces with Poolsuite, a web3 community deeply ingrained in Miami’s culture and committed to shaping the future of internet leisure. This multi-tiered partnership aims to attract and engage new audiences.

RL x Poolsuite Collab

Ralph Lauren and Poolsuite Offer Exclusive NFTs

In addition to accepting cryptocurrency, Ralph Lauren will grant Poolsuite community members access to a special event through the co-created Ralph Lauren x Poolsuite NFT. Companies increasingly use NFTs in their reward programs, with Starbucks recently unveiling its first collection of 2,000 digital “stamps” as limited edition, non-fungible tokens.

Impressive Q3 Results for Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s fiscal year 2023 third quarter saw strong financial performance, with a 1% sales growth to $1.8 billion and a net profit of $216 million. The company held $1.7 billion in cash and short-term investments at the end of the quarter.

Cryptocurrency Payments Gaining Traction

BitPay, Ralph Lauren’s chosen payment processor, has partnered with over 250 companies and retailers to enable crypto payments. Other noteworthy names include AMC Theatres, Jomashop, and e-commerce retailer Newegg.

Zebedee, an entertainment and payments firm, recently revealed its instant payment feature using the Bitcoin Lightning network. Meanwhile, Burger King installed Instpower power bank rental kiosks with cryptocurrency payment options in their Paris locations. The fast food giant collaborated with Alchemy Pay and Binance Pay, two cryptocurrency payment platforms, to integrate them into their machines.

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Key Points

Where can I use cryptocurrency at Ralph Lauren?

Ralph Lauren’s Miami store now accepts various cryptocurrencies as payment.

Which cryptocurrencies can I use at Ralph Lauren?

Customers can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and MATIC to make purchases at Ralph Lauren’s Miami store.

What is the partnership between Ralph Lauren and Poolsuite?

Ralph Lauren has collaborated with Poolsuite, a web3 community, to unveil a multi-tiered partnership and engage new audiences with exclusive NFTs.


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