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Polygon Leads the Charge in Ethereum’s Scalability with Napoli Hard Fork

The Napoli hard fork on Polygon's Proof-of-Stake sidechain introduces critical Ethereum Dencun features and RIP-7212, marking a milestone in blockchain interoperability and Layer 2 collaboration for enhanced scalability.

Polygon’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) sidechain recently executed the Napoli hard fork, integrating significant Ethereum Dencun features and pioneering support for RIP-7212, establishing a new benchmark for blockchain scalability and interoperability. This development not only underscores Polygon‘s leading role in Ethereum‘s scaling solutions but also highlights the collaborative efforts within the Layer 2 (L2) ecosystem to foster innovation and mainstream adoption.

The Napoli hard fork has seamlessly incorporated three major upgrades from Ethereum’s Dencun hard fork: EIP-1153: Transient Storage, EIP-6780: SELFDESTRUCT, and EIP-5656: memory copying instruction. These enhancements collectively aim to optimize block space usage, introduce more secure operations, and reduce the technical overhead for developers, thereby streamlining network processes and improving overall performance.

A notable highlight of the Napoli update is the inclusion of RIP-7212, incubated by RollCall—a collective of L2 teams. This upgrade introduces precompile support for the secp256r1 curve, widely used in digital signatures across the internet, heralding a new era of interoperability with mainstream technologies. Developers and industry insiders have lauded RIP-7212 for its potential to facilitate secure key storage in devices like iPhones and streamline DNS verification processes. David Silverman, VP of Product at Polygon Labs, emphasized that RIP-7212 offers “a new native account abstraction method” for a broad range of applications, from pass keys to verification.

Furthermore, Polygon is gearing up to integrate support for EIP-4844 in its upcoming Feijoa upgrade, aimed at reducing transaction fees significantly. This addition is eagerly anticipated, as it promises to further enhance the network’s efficiency and affordability for users.

The emergence of RollCall has been pivotal in “enshrining” L2s as Ethereum’s core scaling mechanism, according to Silverman. RollCall’s establishment represents a shift towards collaborative development among L2 projects, serving as a “new vehicle” for Ethereum’s self-governance. It facilitates discussions on proposed EVM changes that, while not directly impacting Ethereum, are crucial for improving user experience and behavior on L2 platforms.

The efforts to implement RIP-7212 extend beyond Polygon, with other L2 solutions like ZkSync Era and Optimism also moving towards this integration. This collective endeavor underscores a broader trend towards interoperability and shared development goals within the L2 community, positioning these platforms as vital components of Ethereum’s scaling strategy.

Polygon’s proactive approach to adopting Dencun features and pioneering the RIP-7212 upgrade reflects a broader vision for blockchain technology—one that embraces scalability, interoperability, and community-driven innovation. As L2 solutions continue to evolve, Polygon’s leadership and collaborative ethos within this space not only enhance its own network but also contribute significantly to the Ethereum ecosystem’s capacity to support a more diverse and expansive range of applications, paving the way for mass adoption.


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