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OKX and Immutable Launch GameFi Launchpad

Cryptocurrency exchange OKX and Ethereum gaming platform Immutable have joined forces to launch a GameFi platform, aimed at enhancing Web3 gaming access and ownership for players worldwide.

In a strategic move that marks a significant milestone in the blockchain gaming industry, cryptocurrency exchange OKX and Ethereum gaming platform Immutable have announced a collaborative effort that promises to reshape the Web3 gaming landscape. This partnership introduces a dedicated GameFi launchpad within OKX’s NFT marketplace, signifying a leap forward in making digital assets and gaming experiences more accessible to gamers globally.

Immutable, renowned for its innovative zkEVM network, and OKX, a major centralized exchange and technological solutions, are leveraging their strengths to enhance the gaming experience. This collaboration will see the integration of Immutable’s zkEVM via the OKX marketplace and wallet, thereby facilitating the rollout of assets tied to new games on this advanced platform.

A notable aspect of this alliance is the integration of the OKX wallet within Immutable Passport, a streamlined wallet and crypto gaming sign-in solution designed to simplify access to Web3 games. Furthermore, the partnership extends to incorporating the OKX NFT Marketplace within Immutable’s Orderbook and Marketplace Network, thus broadening the horizon for digital asset trade and management.

Robbie Ferguson, co-founder and President of Immutable, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing its alignment with Immutable’s mission to empower gamers with digital ownership. He stated:

Collaborating with OKX aligns with our mission to bring digital proprietorship to every gamer in the world.

This initiative is expected to unlock new gaming experiences for millions of players worldwide, bolstered by OKX’s robust ecosystem and cutting-edge technology.

The GameFi launchpad, set to launch in the coming months, will support the debut of anticipated Immutable zkEVM titles such as Guild of Guardians, MetalCore, and Shardbound, with Guild of Guardians announcing a global release date of May 15. This launchpad not only underscores the growing momentum in Web3 gaming adoption but also enhances the discoverability and accessibility of upcoming games and their respective assets.

Jason Lau, OKX’s Chief Innovation Officer, highlighted the transformative potential of this partnership, stating,

Web3 gaming is on the verge of becoming mainstream, and at OKX, we are committed to making our wallet and marketplace the best way to access these next-generation games and their items.

Lau’s vision is further supported by the strategic integration of services and technologies between OKX and Immutable, aimed at enriching the gaming experience through true ownership, trade, and earning opportunities from in-game assets.

This alliance between OKX and Immutable not only signifies a pivotal development in the blockchain gaming ecosystem but also serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit driving innovation in the Web3 space. As these platforms combine their expertise and resources, the gaming community stands on the cusp of experiencing unprecedented levels of engagement, ownership, and immersion in digital worlds.


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