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MetaMask now Allows Interoperability with Bitcoin and Solana with Snaps

MetaMask, primarily designed for the Ethereum network and Ethereum virtual machine chains, has launched a new development that transforms its range of operation. With a new functionality by Consensys, MetaMask is now interoperable with an array of other layer-1 blockchains, including Bitcoin, Solana, and Cosmos. This groundbreaking development came to be through the use of a new feature, MetaMask Snaps.

MetaMask Snaps: An Overview

MetaMask Snaps, launched earlier today, is a set of features that greatly expands the customization of MetaMask wallets. With 34 Snaps accessible at present, all created by third-party developers and vetted by Consensys developers, users now have a broader selection of enhancements to their MetaMask wallets.

Notifications and Snaps

One of the exciting features of Snaps is the integration of notifications for decentralized apps (dapps). Specific to the various Snaps the user installs, these notifications differ from the pop ups MetaMask exhibits when a wallet connects to a site. However, the notification API only exists in the MetaMask browser extension for now, meaning no push notifications for mobile devices just yet.

Transactional Insights and Other Use Cases

Transactional insight Snaps, designed to simplify user interaction, notify users if they’re anticipating transactions with a malicious smart contract or are susceptible to phishing scams. These Snaps alert users of potential transactional errors, thereby reducing risks. Additionally, Snaps facilitate encrypted device storage and wallet user experience customization as detailed in the developer documentation.

The Path to Permissionless Snaps

Currently, Snaps operate under a strict allowlist maintained by Consensys, MetaMask’s parent company. This implies the need for Consensys approval to publish a Snap. However, this condition isn’t permanent, as systems are under development to allow smart contracts to power the registry approach. Eventually, users, auditors, or respected entities can participate in vetting the snaps developers are publishing.

MetaMask’s introduction of Snaps marks a pivotal expansion to its compatibility with other layer-1 blockchains, adding Bitcoin, Solana, and Cosmos to its list. While still at the early stages, this is a promising development that could drive the future of blockchain interoperability.

Key Points Summary

What is MetaMask’s new functionality?

MetaMask has launched a new feature named ‘Snaps’ that allows it to operate with other layer-1 blockchains – a functionality it previously didn’t have.

What are the key features of MetaMask Snaps?

Snaps enhance the customization of MetaMask wallets, integrate notifications for decentralized apps, provide transactional insights, and facilitate encrypted device storage and wallet user experience customization.

What is the plan for Snaps in the future?

Snaps aim to become permissionless in the future, allowing users, auditors, and other respected entities in the community to participate in vetting the snaps that developers are publishing.


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