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Huobi and Gala Games Unite for Web3 Advancement

Huobi Global, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a strategic alliance with Gala Games, an innovative blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming platform. Together, the two companies plan to invest in and list Web3 projects within the Gala ecosystem, propelling the development of the Web3 space.

Gala Games: Pioneering Play-to-Earn Gaming and NFTs

Gala Games empowers developers to create play-to-earn cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) games, where players can trade in-game items. Once acquired, these items cannot be altered or deleted by developers without the players’ consent, promoting a sense of ownership and autonomy for players.

Huobi and Gala Games: Aiming for Enhanced Web3 Objectives

The partnership between Huobi and Gala Games is anticipated to further Huobi’s Web3 goals by integrating with Gala’s layer-1 blockchain, refining the foundational on-chain technology. Jason Brink, President of Blockchain at Gala Games, stated :

Integration of our layer 1 blockchain into popular exchanges like Huobi is absolutely crucial with the level of mass adoption we’re looking for. This partnership empowers tomorrow’s developers to create a more stable and secure Web3 future.

Community Support for the Partnership

Huobi announced the collaboration on Twitter, receiving widespread support from the community, who recognize the potential benefits of layer-1 blockchain integration.

Huobi’s Expansion Plans: Licensing and Crypto-to-Fiat Debit Card

Currently, Huobi Global is pursuing a license in Hong Kong. Indeed, the Chinese special administrative region is implementing new regulatory measures that would allow the platform to serve retail clients. Moreover, Huobi has unveiled plans to extend its services to other regions by launching a Visa-backed crypto-to-fiat debit card. This card, slated for release in Q2 2023, will be available to Huobi customers in the European Economic Area.

The strategic partnership between Huobi Global and Gala Games heralds a new era in Web3 and layer-1 development, as both companies work together to advance play-to-earn gaming, NFTs, and blockchain integration. As the alliance unfolds, the potential for significant growth and innovation in the Web3 space is undeniable.

Key Points

What does the partnership between Huobi Global and Gala Games entail?

The collaboration aims to advance the development of the Web3 ecosystem by investing in and listing Web3 projects within the Gala ecosystem.

How does Gala Games contribute to the play-to-earn gaming space?

Gala Games enables developers to create play-to-earn crypto and NFT games, providing players with the ability to buy, sell, and trade in-game items with complete autonomy.

What are Huobi Global’s expansion plans?

Huobi is currently seeking a license in Hong Kong and plans to launch a Visa-backed crypto-to-fiat debit card for customers in the European Economic Area in Q2 2023.


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