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Google Cloud Boosts Web3 Startups with Unprecedented Support

Google Cloud has announced a significant expansion of its early-stage support program for Web3 builders, aiming to empower the growing community of startups in the decentralized internet space. Part of the broader Google for Startups Cloud Program, the Web3 Startups Program will provide unique benefits to pre-seed to Series A projects, helping them scale faster and more securely.

Collaborations and Partnerships Drive Success

In this innovative initiative, Google Cloud will collaborate with some of the biggest companies in the crypto industry, including Aptos, Celo, Flow, HBAR Foundation, Near, and Solana Foundation. These foundation partners will provide grants and other valuable resources to startups in the program. Additionally, Google Cloud will work with Web3 native projects such as Nansen Query, Alchemy, and thirdweb to offer customizable services tailored to the needs of each participant.

James Tromans, Head of Web3 engineering at Google Cloud, emphasized the importance of partnerships in the Web3 space:

Our program doesn’t just leverage what we can offer but also the unique incentives that other Web3 innovators can provide as well.

Addressing the Unique Needs of Web3 Startups

Understanding that Web3 startups have different requirements compared to traditional companies, Google Cloud aims to cater to their specific needs. Web3 builders who join the program will receive a plethora of tools, including up to $200,000 in Google Cloud credits over two years. They will also gain early access to Google Cloud’s new Web3 products before they’re available to the public.

Eligibility and Tiered Offerings

The Web3 Startups Program comes with two tiers: the “Start Tier” for pre-seed companies less than five years old, and the “Scale Tier” for those less than ten years old with verified funding up through Series A. Companies accepted into the program will enjoy steeply discounted prices on Google Cloud services, as well as Web3 features and offerings from partners.

Accelerating Web3 Adoption with Google Cloud

Google Cloud has been actively pushing into the Web3 space in recent years, working closely with various projects to provide technical expertise and resources. Its collaborations with the Celo Foundation, BNB Chain, and other blockchain-based projects demonstrate its commitment to helping the Web3 ecosystem grow and thrive.

As the Web3 industry continues to evolve, Google Cloud and its partners aim to provide reliable and sustainable infrastructure to support developers and startups. This initiative comes at a time when other major players, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), are also increasing their focus on the Web3 market.

Key Points

What is the Google Cloud Web3 Startups Program?

The Web3 Startups Program is an expansion of the Google for Startups Cloud Program that focuses on providing technical support, funding, and unique benefits to pre-seed to Series A Web3 startups.

Who are Google Cloud’s partners in the Web3 Startups Program?

Google Cloud has partnered with Aptos, Celo, Flow, HBAR Foundation, Near, Solana Foundation, Nansen Query, Alchemy, and thirdweb to provide resources and services to Web3 startups in the program.

What benefits do Web3 startups receive in the program?

Participants in the Web3 Startups Program will receive up to $200,000 in Google Cloud credits over two years, access to a private Discord channel, Web3 training courses, grants from foundation partners, and early access to new Google Cloud Web3 products before public release.

How can a Web3 startup join the program?

Web3 startups from pre-seed to Series A can apply for the program through the Google for Startups Cloud Program website. Eligibility is based on the age of the company and its funding stage, with two tiers available: Start Tier and Scale Tier.

How does the Web3 Startups Program compare to similar offerings from other cloud providers?

While other cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) are also increasing their efforts in the Web3 space, Google Cloud’s Web3 Startups Program offers unique benefits through its collaboration with major crypto companies and Web3 native projects, aiming to provide a more tailored and comprehensive support system for Web3 startups.


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