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BlackRock et VanEck modifient leurs demandes d’ETF

Following the SEC's latest feedback, BlackRock and VanEck rapidly updated their bitcoin ETF applications, addressing issues like insolvency risks and introducing competitive fee structures for potential investors.

BlackRock and VanEck have showcased their responsiveness in the evolving cryptocurrency market by rapidly amending their S-1 forms for spot bitcoin ETF applications. This move comes as a direct response to the latest comments from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), reflecting the dynamic nature of cryptocurrency regulations and the eagerness of financial institutions to comply.

The amendments address key SEC concerns. They focus on the risk protocols concerning scenarios such as the bankruptcy of key financial players involved in the ETFs, such as Bitcoin trading counterparties. This focus is crucial as it underlines the volatility and the unique risks inherent in the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, the firms have been transparent about potential conflicts of interest, offering clarity to potential investors regarding the liquidity challenges that might arise.

An intriguing aspect of the updated proposals is their competitive fee structures. In a strategic move to attract investors, the firms are offering temporary zero-fee periods. With Bitwise setting a benchmark with a fixed fee as low as 0.24%, followed by Ark/21Shares and BlackRock with slightly higher rates, the fee strategy is a key factor in the marketability of these ETFs.

The journey towards the launch of these ETFs hinges on the SEC’s approval of the 19b-4 and S-1 forms. Post-approval, these ETFs are set to make a swift entry into the market, potentially the day after the green light from the SEC, signaling a new era in cryptocurrency-backed financial products.

These developments mark a significant stride in recognizing cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as viable investment options within the mainstream financial sector. The successful launch of these ETFs could catalyze further institutional investment in bitcoin, influencing the larger cryptocurrency market landscape. However, it’s important for investors to be cognizant of the associated risks, especially in terms of market liquidity and the evolving regulatory framework.


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