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Exaion, Subsidiary of French Energy Provider EDF, Powers Up Chiliz as Validator

An EDF subsidiary steps into the blockchain arena as a validator for Chiliz Chain, promising enhanced security and energy efficiency for the sports fan engagement platform.

In an innovative stride towards the fusion of energy expertise and blockchain technology, Exaion, a branch of the French state-owned EDF, has become a validator on the Chiliz Chain. This collaboration is set to reshape the landscape of digital engagement in sports and entertainment, leveraging the strengths of both sectors to enhance the blockchain network’s security and resilience.

The partnership with Chiliz, known for its fan token platform, aims to utilize Exaion’s specialization in digital transformation and energy efficiency within data centres. Exaion’s co-founder, Fatih Balyeli, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating it as “a pivotal strategy that resonates with our goal of shaping the future of digital engagement.” This union not only signifies a milestone in the convergence of technology and energy but also strengthens Chiliz’s blockchain infrastructure, expanding its reach in the sports and entertainment domains.

Following the footsteps of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), the renowned French soccer club that recently became a validator for Chiliz Chain, Exaion’s involvement marks a growing trend of strategic alliances between blockchain platforms and leading sports entities. These partnerships are not just about enhancing network security; they open new pathways for fan engagement and operational optimization. As validators, both Exaion and PSG are pivotal in managing blockchain nodes, verifying transactions, and executing smart contracts, thereby ensuring the integrity of the Chiliz Chain.

By leveraging Exaion’s knowledge in energy and technology, Chiliz aims to fortify its position as a leader in digital asset management and fan engagement within the sports industry. This collaboration is not merely a technical enhancement of Chiliz’s blockchain network but a strategic move to embrace digital transformation in sports and entertainment.

The involvement of Exaion and PSG as validators highlights the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize fan engagement by offering a secure and efficient platform for fan tokens trading, as seen with major soccer teams like FC Barcelona, Manchester City, and Juventus. This synergy between Exaion’s energy efficiency solutions and Chiliz’s blockchain initiatives presents a future where digital engagement in sports and entertainment can flourish on a secure, resilient, and efficient platform.


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