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European Parliament Approves MiCA

Following two postponements, the European Parliament has cast its final vote on the Markets in Crypto-Assets Act (MiCA). The legislation, initially introduced in 2020, now awaits the European Council’s endorsement to become enforceable regulation.

Legal Certainty and Standardized Guidelines for Crypto Industry

The European policymakers, through MiCA, aspire to create standardized regulations and harmonized rules for crypto assets across the EU. These measures will offer legal certainty for the crypto industry and investors, setting up guidelines for the operation, structure, and governance of digital asset token issuers. Additionally, MiCA will implement rules on transparency and disclosure requirements for issuing and trading cryptocurrencies.

Timeline for Enforcing MiCA Provisions

As per Chainalysis, MiCA’s stablecoin-specific provisions will be enforced in July 2024, while others, including those concerning crypto asset service providers, will take effect in January 2025.

Mixed Reception and Concerns Over the Legislation

Despite the predominant cautious optimism around the regulation, the 400-page document has raised several concerns. The current draft does not mention decentralized finance (DeFi), address the growing crypto lending and staking sectors, or specify rules for non-fungible tokens.

Collaborative Effort Crucial for MiCA’s Success

During Paris Blockchain Week 2023, Janet Ho, Chainalysis’s Head of EU Policy, stated that MiCA’s success relies on comprehensive feedback and the revision of specific sections of the document.

Legislation is not a static process. There’s not always a perfect piece of regulation. We know there will be reviews and improvements.

Nadia Filali, Caisse des Dépôts Group’s Blockchain Program Director, joined Ho, emphasizing the need for governments, regulators, and industry participants to develop regulations collaboratively.

Investor Safety: A Primary Objective for MiCA

Joachim Schwerin, a principal economist within the European Commission, underscored investor safety as MiCA’s chief objective in an interview with our colleagues at Cointelegraph. Schwerin suggested that MiCA should minimize the adverse effects of incidents like FTX’s insolvency in the future.

Key Points

What is MiCA?

The Markets in Crypto-Assets Act (MiCA) is a proposed legislation that aims to standardize regulations and establish harmonized rules for crypto assets across the European Union.

When will MiCA provisions be enforced?

Stablecoin-related provisions will be enforced in July 2024, while others, including those on crypto asset service providers, will apply in January 2025.

What are some concerns regarding MiCA?

Concerns include the lack of mention of decentralized finance (DeFi), addressing the crypto lending and staking sectors, and specifying rules for nonfungible tokens.


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