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Cryptocurrency Market Faces Steep Liquidations Amid Price Slide

Recent cryptocurrency trading saw significant losses with nearly half a billion dollars liquidated, as major tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum faced sharp declines.

The cryptocurrency market experienced a tumultuous period, with investors witnessing significant losses across various digital currencies. In the last 24 hours, market instability led to nearly $489 million worth of liquidations, impacting predominantly long positions in Bitcoin and Ethereum, according to Coinglass data.

During this period, Bitcoin‘s price dropped to approximately $64,548, while Ethereum fell to $3,384. This decline marked more than a 5% decrease in value for both currencies over the past week, contributing to the downward pressure felt by traders.

The high volatility did not spare other cryptocurrencies either. Dogecoin and Solana saw losses up to 9%, reflecting broader market trends. In particular, Ethereum, despite optimistic expectations around new exchange-traded funds (ETFs), suffered $92.5 million in liquidations, the most among all tokens. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu and Solana experienced similar fates, with significant sums wiped out due to forced sell-offs.

Amidst these losses, trading activity in Asia faced additional challenges, such as continual profit-taking and outflows from U.S.-listed Bitcoin ETFs. These factors compounded the bearish sentiment prevalent in the market, with Bitcoin ETFs recording net outflows of $145 million.

Investment analysts pointed to the strong dollar and political uncertainties, like the unexpected snap election in France, as external pressures exacerbating the market’s woes. The increased liquidity during weekdays, as observed by market analysts, likely contributed to the selling pressure, favoring bears over bulls.

As the market navigates through these challenges, traders and investors remain on edge, anticipating potential shifts in the cryptocurrency landscape that could either provide recovery opportunities or further deepen losses.


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