Business News Enters Spain’s Crypto Market

In a significant development in the global cryptocurrency landscape, Singapore-based has broken through the Spanish market. The Bank of Spain has granted the company registration as a virtual asset service provider, making it one of the most regulated crypto exchanges across continents. The move highlights Spain’s increasingly favorable approach towards digital currencies.

Pushing the Boundaries with Regulatory Compliance

Before earning this recognition, had to perform a thorough review of its Anti-Money Laundering Directive compliance and strictly adhere to other financial crime laws. This display of commitment towards regulatory compliance cements the company’s position in the global crypto market. In the words of CEO, Kris Marszalek, “Our entry into the Spanish market is a testament to our commitment to compliance.”

Global Regulatory Nods: A Mark of Trust

With this latest approval, has garnered regulatory affirmation in nearly a dozen countries. This includes Singapore, France, the United Kingdom, Dubai, South Korea, Australia, Italy, Greece, the Cayman Islands, and more. The platform also holds a pre-registration undertaking with the Ontario Securities Commission and Canadian Securities Administrators.

Adapting and Evolving Amidst Market Changes

The crypto giant has proved its mettle amidst changing market conditions. had a triumphant run during the 2021–2022 bull market, during which it also obtained naming rights to the renowned Staples Center in Los Angeles. However, the onset of the bear market led to a drop in demand, causing the closure of its institutional platform in the United States. Despite the challenges, the company keeps forging ahead, strengthening its foothold in the global crypto market.

The entrance of into Spain is symbolic of the changing times, indicative of a broader acceptance of digital currencies globally. Despite the recent market fluctuations, continues to expand, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to compliance, security, and providing a top-tier crypto experience to users around the world.

Key Points

What does’s entry into Spain mean?

This signifies Spain’s positive approach towards cryptocurrency and marks as one of the most regulated crypto exchanges globally.

What led to’s approval by the Bank of Spain?

Before getting the nod, had to comprehensively review its Anti-Money Laundering Directive compliance and adhere to other financial crimes laws.

Which other countries has obtained regulatory approval from?

It has obtained regulatory approval in nearly a dozen countries, including Singapore, France, the UK, Dubai, South Korea, Australia, Italy, Greece, and the Cayman Islands.

Has faced any business troubles?

Yes, with the onset of the bear market, faced a fall in demand, leading to the closure of its institutional platform in the United States. However, it continues to expand and strengthen its position globally.


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