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Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance Launch Limited Edition ‘CR7 ForeverZone’ NFT Collection

The latest collaboration between Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance brings fans an exclusive NFT collection called the CR7 ForeverZone, featuring 50,000 limited-edition NFTs and a host of other unique rewards.

The ongoing partnership between the legendary Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and the world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance continues to innovate with the release of a new non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection, labeled as the CR7 ForeverZone. This marks the third time the duo is venturing into the decentralized digital realm, offering unmatched experiences in the world of Web3.

The CR7 ForeverZone collection marks a new chapter for fans, enabling them to connect with their revered athlete in an innovative way and gain access to exclusive rewards. At the heart of the collection are 50,000 limited-edition NFTs known as CR7 ForeverZone Boxes, each devoted to the illustrious career of Ronaldo. Additionally, the collection includes 50 autographed footballs, 50 signed shirts by Ronaldo, and 50 tickets to the upcoming Binance Blockchain Week.

The most coveted item within the collection is the golden ticket NFT. This special NFT provides a fan the chance for a once-in-a-lifetime training session with Ronaldo himself. In the words of Ronaldo,

“I’ve always felt the incredible energy and support from my fans, and I wanted to engage and share with them in a way that brings us even closer together. With Binance, we are able to build this accessible connection and bring unique opportunities through our partnership, and I get to share a piece of my legacy with them.”

Rachel Conlan, the Chief Marketing Officer of Binance, explained the collaboration as not just a partnership but more of a vision-merger aiming to revolutionize the fan experience through cutting-edge Web3 technologies. Conlan commented,

“As one of the greatest athletes of our era, Ronaldo isn’t just creating sports history; he’s at the forefront of an innovation revolution. With our third NFT collection, the CR7 ForeverZone Collection, we’re honored to help him share a slice of his legacy with fans as we pave the way of the Web3-driven future of sports and entertainment.”

The NFTs are available for free. Fans looking to claim a CR7 ForeverZone Box will need to visit the Binance Promotion Page, complete and pass KYC verification. You must however complete a “task”, which at the time of writing was referring a friend to Binance. According to Binance’s statement, the more friends you refer, the better the chances of “winning exclusive benefits”.

This new NFT collection is not the sole product of the Ronaldo-Binance collaboration. The partnership began in 2021, aiming to capitalize on Ronaldo’s global popularity as a bridge to new Web3 audiences. The duo released their first NFT collection in November 2022, featuring seven animated statues portraying pivotal moments in Ronaldo’s illustrious career. The second collection, “Forever CR7: The GOAT,” was launched in July 2023, featuring 20 unique designs representing significant goals from Ronaldo’s career.

The partnership between Ronaldo and Binance highlights the rising popularity of sports-related NFTs. These unique digital assets offer a novel way for collectors and sports enthusiasts to connect with their favorite athletes and teams. As the market continues to expand, sports NFTs are progressively being viewed as a potentially wise investment for the future.


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