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Acclaimed Photographer Jeremy Cowart Will Craft 10,000 NFTs Live

As the world embraces AI-generated art, creatives face the challenge of producing unique, captivating content. Award-winning photographer Jeremy Cowart steps up, announcing an ambitious live event in Nashville on May 2nd called “Auras”, where he plans to create 10,000 one-of-a-kind, photography-based NFTs in just 20 minutes without generative code or post-production effects. The event will also be available for online streaming.

Revolutionary Techniques in NFT Creation

Rather than using computer algorithms to auto-generate NFTs, Cowart intends to utilize multi-colored lighting, robotics, triple-layered projection, and a 130-foot LED volume wall to physically produce thousands of distinctive images in mere minutes. Each photo will feature Cowart himself as the central subject, donning a white mask to symbolize a blank canvas. With an illustrious career photographing icons such as Barack Obama, Taylor Swift, and the Kardashians, Cowart’s work has been widely showcased in renowned publications like Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and Time.

'Auras' Promotional Artwork Source : Jeremy Cowart
‘Auras’ Promotional Artwork Source : Jeremy Cowart

Introducing Rarity Traits into the Creative Process

Like many large-scale NFT collections, individual “Auras” NFTs will incorporate rare traits throughout the series. Cowart will integrate these rarity elements into his artistic process as the live NFT generation unfolds. “Auras is the most ambitious thing I’ve ever attempted,” Cowart told Decrypt. “I’ve been adding ideas to my setup for 10 years, and it’s resulted in a creative process that I don’t think has ever been done before.”

Combining this innovative method with the NFT space, Cowart believes they have something truly exceptional and historic in the making.

Jeremy Cowart in his studio
Jeremy Cowart in his studio – Source : Jeremy Cowart

Technology and Sponsorship Behind ‘Auras’

Kaleidoscope, an image processing library created by Web3 digital creator platform Transient Labs, will power the event. It extracts generative traits from photos and streamlines metadata creation, which is essential for NFT collections. For “Auras,” the technology will focus on the colors within certain photographs to provide the collection’s rarity and trait structure.

Besides Transient Labs, NFT marketplace OpenSea sponsors “Auras”. On May 9th, one week after the live event, the resulting collection will be available for sale on the platform. Current holders of Cowart’s previous NFT project, Block Queens, will have the opportunity to mint an “Auras” NFT for free.

In an era where AI-generated art dominates, Jeremy Cowart’s “Auras” promises a refreshing take on NFT creation. With the combination of innovative techniques and rarity traits, Cowart aims to make history in the world of digital art, offering collectors a truly unique experience.

Key Points

When and where is the “Auras” event taking place?

The live event will be held in Nashville on May 2nd and will also be available for online streaming.

What makes “Auras” unique compared to other NFT collections?

“Auras” will be created live using innovative techniques without generative code or post-production effects, resulting in 10,000 truly unique, photography-based NFTs.

How will rarity traits be integrated into the “Auras” NFT collection?

Cowart will incorporate rarity elements into his artistic process during the live event, resulting in a series of NFTs with varying degrees of rarity.

Which platforms are involved in the creation and sale of “Auras” NFTs?

Transient Labs’ image processing library, Kaleidoscope, will power the event, while OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, sponsors “Auras” and will host the NFT sale on May 9th.

What opportunity will previous NFT project holders have?

Current holders of Cowart’s previous NFT project, Block Queens, will be given the chance to mint an “Auras” NFT for free.


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